We offer road freight services in international traffic, full loads and groups. Because we know what the production activity means and how important is the transport time of the raw material, we can also offer express transport services. The offers are not part of the standard packages. Depending on customer requirements we can make personalized offers.

We also offer personal effects transport services (movings and relocations), with trucks equipped with rear lift that will make this type of service much easier. For any of the services offered, you will receive advice from us to make the best decisions.


The goods considered dangerous – according to the ADR convention, they need special attention both when packing for their shipment and when preparing the transport documents to ensure maximum safety and legality in the delivery operation.
For this type of goods, ILVAMI TRANS will provide ADR transport services with authorized means of transport and ADR accredited drivers.
By dangerous goods are meant those substances which by their physical-chemical nature can cause personal damage, the environment, etc. According to ADR, the dangerous goods classes are as follows:

Class 1: explosive substances and objects
Class 2: gas
Class 3: Flammable liquids
Class 4.1: flammable solids, self-reactive substances and explosive substances, desensitized solids
Class 4.2: substances that ignite spontaneously
Class 4.3: substances which, in contact with water, emit flammable gases
Class 5.1: oxidizing substance
Class 5.2: Organic peroxides
Class 6.1: Toxic substances
Class 6.2: Infectious substances
Class 7: radioactive substances
Class 8: corrosive substances
Class 9: various dangerous substances and objects



ILVAMI TRANS offers to its clients international transport services for any perishable or non-perishable foodstuffs. Foodstuffs that have a lower or higher degree of perishability can be transported by refrigerated means of transport equipped with controlled temperature units. For non-perishable foodstuffs you can opt for standard transport in conditions of maximum safety and cleanliness.



General merchandise means a very varied range of goods and products. Basically this category includes all the goods that can be transported from one point to another with a standard means of transport. The general goods category does not include those goods, which, due to their properties, characteristics, dimensions, volumes or weight can only be transported by specialized or authorized means of transport. General goods can be transported both in full transport (FTL) and in bulk (LTL).



Specializing in heavy, heavy and special transport, we transport:
◦ heavy machinery and industrial parts;
◦ naval engines, electric generators, wind turbines, presses, tanks, silos, metal constructions, turbines, ovens, etc.
◦ Construction machinery: crushers, wheel and track excavators, sorting stations, drills, cranes, mills, draglines, compactors, vibrocompactors, asphalt stations, etc.
◦ agricultural equipment: combine harvesters, tractors, seeders, beet harvesters, plows, irrigators, cultivators, sprayers, etc.
◦ military machinery and equipment, etc.

Each transport we carry out is insured both internally and internationally, and upon request, this insurance can be supplemented to the desired value.



ILVAMI TRANS offers you optimum transport solutions anywhere in Europe through the fleet available. With over 5 years experience in the field, our strength is the promptness with which we can offer you international transport solutions in Europe. We offer competitive rates for both export and import for all Western European countries such as: Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, England, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Finland and for Central and Eastern Europe, in countries such as: Austria, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Serbia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Macedonia, Ukraine, Moldova.



1x 13.6m refrigerated truck
1x Large mega truck expandable up to 3.5m in width
3x 13.6m mega truck
1x 120mc jumbo truck, length 7.7m + 7.7m trailer + 1 trailer for oversized jumbo transport
2x Utility vehicle with 3.5T tarpaulin of 10 europallets
3x 7.5T tarpaulin trucks with 7.4m / 18 euro pallets and 1x 7.5T lorry with 6m lift
1x Utility car platform